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Turn your group chat into popular channel! More than 200, multiple groups one channel. Content-driven channels.

What can do this bot?Turn your group chat in to popular telegram channel!

Every message from human well be forwarded to channel bound to this group.
More than 200 people in a group? Some of them can leave but still follow group updates.
Use @telewitterbot and @treaderbot to create ultimate content-drivent channels and spread woldwide.

Follow those steps:

1. Create a channel if you don't have one
2. Add @channelrushbot as channel admin
3. Give me the link to that channel
4. I wil make a link for you, add me to the group using that link

And everything that is happening in group will be broadcasted to you channel.

This could be handy if you are using @telewitterbot or @treaderbot

Bots do not see other bot's messages, but @telewitterbot or @treaderbot will work fine.
We have rates, no more than one message per two seconds will be handled.
It does not send to channels messages starting with '/'
This came for cost of few of my messages in that channel. No spam & porn, we promise.
We care about security.

WARRNING: Spammers & porn senders, drug sellers and others, as a channel admin bot can receive abuse warnings. Resposting will be blocked automatically when threshold is reached.

Press, "I have a channel" when ready

Команды бота

Все команды должны начинаться с символа «/».

stop broadcasting to channel *group chat only*
continue broadcasting *group chat only*
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