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Чат-бот Combot поможет админам групп в Telegram и лучше всего подходит для статистики групп, модерации, подсчета репутации участников сообщества. Добавьте бота в свою группу или супергруппу, и он сразу же начнет выполнять функции админа.

The best and the biggest community management service for Telegram chats.
Over 30000 active groups and growing.

What can do this bot?The best possible solution in Telegram for moderation and maintaining your chats.
Spam protection, warns, reputation system, restricions and full vizual chat analytics.

Add the bot to your group/supergroup and It'll starts to work immediately.
PM to bot for accessing to chats preferences and moderation system.

Hi, a c!

Combot is the most popular Telegram bot for managing your Telegram groups.
Analytics, moderation, triggers, levels & XP system, reputation systema nd many more.

Analytics is free for all, moderation is a paid module. You can start using advanced Combot features by activating 24 hour free trial.

How to start?
1) Add @combot to one of your groups using button below.
2) Send at least one message to your group or wait for somebody to send a message.
3) Press "Log in" button or send /profile command and follow the link.
4) Once you're logged in, you will see various options, including analytics (simple and full versions), moderation and group settings. There you can activate 24 hour free trial to try advanced Combot features.
5) For many moderation features you'll need to add Combot to your group admins.

Ask any question about Combot in @combotchat.
Subscribe to @combotnews to never miss an update.

Команды бота

Все команды должны начинаться с символа «/».

See chat stats. For more options start the bot via direct message.
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