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Dos it's new game by uno creators!
Finally we have it on Telegram!

For all news about the bot @scala40update

What can do this bot?Dos it's new game by uno creator

Finally we have it on Telegram!

For all news about the bot add in group @scala40gamesupdatebot or follow the channel @scala40update

Follow these steps:

1. Add this bot to a group
2. In the group, start a new game with /new or join an already running game with /join
3. After at least two players have joined, start the game with /start
4. Type @dosofficialbot into your chat box and hit space, or click the via @dosofficialbot text next to messages. You will see your cards (some greyed out), any extra options like drawing, and a ? to see the current game state. The greyed out cards are those you can not play at the moment. Tap an option to execute the selected action.
DOS command is used for make the sum between 2 card

/join - Players can join the game at any time.
/leave - To leave a game
If a player takes more than 90 seconds to play, you can use /skip to skip that player.
Use /notify_me to receive a private message when a new game is started.

Language and other settings: /settings

Other commands (only game creator):
/close - Close lobby
/donate - If you want support my work
/open - Open lobby
/kill - Terminate the game
/remove - Select a player to kick by replying to him or her
/enable_translations - Translate relevant texts into all languages spoken in a game
/disable_translations - Use English for those texts
/reveal_cards - Use to show your cards at the end of match
/hide_cards - Use to hide your cards at the end of match

Join the update channel
Rate the bot if you like it RATE and buy an DOS card game.

Команды бота

Все команды должны начинаться с символа «/».

Start a new game
start a new team game mode
choice a random game mode
see current game mode
Support my work
how to play
Start the game
Join the current game
Leave the game you're in
Close the game lobby
Open the game lobby
Terminate the game
Kick players out of the game
Enable multi-translation
Disable multi-translation
Skip the current player
Get a message when there's a new game in this group
How to use this bot
Explanation of game modes
Show statistics
Language and other settings
See source information
All news about this bot
show your cards at the end
hide your cards at the end
Встраиваемый бот (Inline)

Бот вызывается по @нику в поле ввода любого чата, далее запрос через пробел.

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