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Gate for any email to Telegram. Scheduled, repeatable, and auto-deleted publications with buttons.

What can do this bot?• Publications from your Email to Telegram groups and channels
• Scheduled (up to 30 days), repeatable, and auto-deleted publications
• Messages with buttons, emojis, and images
• Text conversion according to user's rules
• Ability to edit published messages

Languages: English, Español, Русский.

This bot allows posting from an email box to Telegram chats, where you added this bot. You can publish all kinds of content (pictures, stickers, voice, etc.) and add buttons to messages. Messages can be scheduled up to 30 days ahead, repeatable and auto-deleted. Published messages can be edited.

/start to return to this screen at any time.
/language to change the language of this conversation.
/help for more info.

? your coins: 0

/buycoins for fund your account with EmailGateBot internal coins.
/coinslog for view the history of balance changes.
/referrals for join to the referral program.

? Learn more from the detailed guide.
? Stay tuned at the news channel of the bot.
? Ask questions at the bot support group.

Команды бота

Все команды должны начинаться с символа «/».

start using bot
choose the language for conversation
brief info
fund your account with EmailGateBot internal coins
view the history of balance changes
referral program
csv file of your chats
removes the custom keyboard from groups and channels
view textual code of emoji icon
Поделиться ботом
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