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Fast, secure, and private crypto exchange on Telegram.

What can do this bot?This bot allows you to exchange ANY crypto to ANY crypto in a few minutes with the lowest fee on the market.

Welcome to Crypto Exchanger Bot.

You can easily exchanger almost any crypto to any crypto in a few minutes using this bot.
Current service fee is 0.5%.

Click "♻️ Exchange" to start your trade.

Please before submitting any tickets to our support, check the list of most Frequently Asked Questions here:

❔How long does it take to complete an order:
❕All orders are processed automatically. Average order completeness time is 15 minutes including the transaction confirmation.

❔I don't have a wallet address for my target currency:
❕You can use any safe wallet e.g. Trust Wallet, you can find it on AppStore or GooglePlay for your phone.

❔How do you calculate transaction fee:
❕We don't. Any transaction fee changes. This is something that is calculated by each and every blockchain (network). Some networks such as SOL, TRX and others have really low transaction fees (e.g. 0.0001$) but others like ETH, BTC sometimes ask for 20-50$ for a single transaction.

❔Where can I take USDT (or other STABLECOINS):
❕You can exchange almost any crypto to USDT with our bot. If you want to buy USDT with a Credit Card, you may check Trust Wallet -> USDT -> Buy menu.

❔I've paid the order buy the status didn't change:
❕Make sure you paid to the right address (the one that was given by the bot), make sure that your payment was SUCCESS (it means that the transaction must be confirmed on the blockchain) and make sure that the amount is correct, it MUST be the same as agreed before confirming the order. Please use "🆘 Online Help & Support" menu if it does not help.

❔I've paid after the order got expired:
❕Since cryptocurrency price is unstable, we cannot keep an order active for a long period of time. If you paid but your ORDER is already expired, just create a new one with all the same inputs CURRENCY, AMOUNT, ADDRESS, and click the button that you've paid already at the end of the flow.

If all of those FAQs do not answer your question please contact the support by creating a ticket. Usually, we respond within 12 hours.

To contact support use - /ContactSupport

Команды бота

Все команды должны начинаться с символа «/».

start or refresh the bot
to start trading (to create SELL/BUY order)
in case you're facing any issues
about the bot
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