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Чатбот Feebo позволяет читать новости и новые посты в блогах через RSS. Найдите @feebo_bot в Telegram, запустите чат и отправьте любую RSS-ссылку для подписки, чтобы получать уведомление о новости в чат.

What can do this bot?Feebo monitors websites, blogs and others using RSS and sends notifications when new posts are published.

Hello! Thanks for adding me! My name is Feebo. I’m a news chatbot that helps you to stay up to date. I send you updates if there is new content in news feeds, blogs, youtube channels or others!

Start with "add" or add your own feed. Type "help" to get all my commands! Have fun!

Команды бота

Все команды должны начинаться с символа «/».

adds a new feed
lists all your subscribed feeds
removes a feed (provide ID which is listed in 'list' command)
removes all subscribed feeds
give me feedback, tell me what you like and where I should improve
displays the help
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