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The nice and easy tool that will help you learn how to manage your money in the best possible way. Сreated by @nbutin

What can do this bot?🇬🇧 The useful, pleasant and rarely easy tool that helps you learn how to manage money. With it you will learn how to keep the family budget, to see the reasons for successes and failures in the home economy. Accuracy in the financial sphere will motivate you to achieve your life goals! 🇷🇺 Полезный, приятный и удивительно простой инструмент, помогающий вам грамотно управлять деньгами. С ним вы научитесь вести семейный бюджет, видеть и понимать причины успехов и провалов в хозяйствовании. Порядок мотивирует!

ADDING ENTRIES. To add an entry about income or expense, enter the amount and comment, for example "Plus 2000 sold cow" or "−100 hay #farm". In the future, you can easily find and filter your records. If the main categories are not enough for you, use the tags (#home, #medicines, #hobby, etc.).

FAST RECORDING. If you want me to show quickness and automatically determine the category of expense/income by your comment (based on previous records), put a dot at the end of the entry. Try it — it's convenient.

SEARCH AND TAGS. Send a message with a set of words or tags, for example "*chocolate candy" or "*#car #house" and I will select for you all entries in which there is at least one from this. The search string must begin with the symbol "*".

EXPORT TO EXCEL. As data accumulates, this function will become more and more useful to you. It will give you additional opportunities for analysis your data, more accurate accounting, monitoring dynamics and evaluating progress. Try it: Brief > Another month > Export all (.xls).

THE ORDER MOTIVATES. Always write down your expenses and incomes. Spent — write down, obtained — too (and so, for starting, during two weeks or a month better). Soon you will may appreciate how simple and cool here everything is. Don't hesitate to tap the buttons that you see.

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