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All bots from are closed as of 12/31/2023.

What can do this bot?This bot and all bots from are closed as of 12/31/2023.

More info: @DOGEClickUpdates

Sorry, our service is no longer accepting new users.

Please read this update for more info.

This bot was made by DOGE Click, a pay to click service that uses cryptocurrency to process payments.

To verify that this bot is really ours, visit and make sure the link on that page brings you to the same bot you are using to read this message.

Any bot that is not listed on that page is NOT affiliated with us.

Using this bot, you can:

- Earn Litecoin by visiting sites, joining chats, and messaging bots.
- Promote your own websites, bots, channels, and/or supergroups.
- Withdraw your balance at any time, with NO deposit required.

Here's how to earn Litecoin using this bot:

Visit websites:
1. Press 🖥 Visit sites and wait for an ad to show up.
2. Press 🔎 Go to website to visit the site.
3. Stay on the site for the required amount of time to get your reward.

Message bots:
1. Press 🤖 Message bots and wait for an ad to show up.
2. Press ✉️ Message bot and send a message to the bot.
3. Forward the message you get from the bot back to @Litecoin_click_bot to get your reward.

Join channels/groups:
1. Press 📣 Join chats and wait for an ad to show up.
2. Go to the Telegram channel/group and join it.
3. Press ✅ Joined and stay in the chat to get your reward.

Here are all my commands:

/menu - Show the main menu
/visit - Earn by clicking links
/bots - Earn by messaging bots
/join - Earn by joining chats
/myads - Manage your ads
/newad - Create a new ad
/balance - Show your balance
/deposit - Deposit funds
/withdraw - Withdraw funds
/history - Show transactions
/referrals - Show your referrals
/help - Show help
/cancel - Cancel current action

Visit our FAQ page for more info.

Join our news channel at @DOGEClickUpdates 📢
For technical support, message @DOGEClickSupport 📞

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