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Unique Notification Center on Telegram, for mentions, replies, hashtags and much more!

What can do this bot?Tired of losing some of your notifications when you have multiple ones coming from groups? No more!

I can track messages you're tagged in or replied to.
You can choose to be notified in private immediately or only after a while being offline.

I can also follow #hashtags and specific keywords you may be interested in, notifying you when they're used in your chats, not to miss any update!

Join @GastaChannel for news and updates.

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💡 Don't find yours and willing to translate? Ping @thegasta or go to 'General info' --> 'Feedback'. Thanks! 😊

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Все команды должны начинаться с символа «/».

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Бот вызывается по @нику в поле ввода любого чата, далее запрос через пробел.

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