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@PublicDownloadLinkBot gives you a streaming link of any file on Telegram. Join @PublicDownloadLinkBotUpdates

What can do this bot?@PublicDownloadLinkBot will give you a streaming link to any Telegram file you send it. You can also get a direct download link to the file to use in download managers such as IDM or FDM. Send /start
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Note: The bot may reply a bit slow due to sudden urge in users, please be patient.
You can also try @FileStreamingBot

Hi! This is the @PublicDownloadLinkBot. I can give you a direct streaming and download link of any file present on Telegram (without any ads).
How to stream file?
Open the link in a browser and you can watch it in your browser. (Chrome might not be able to stream the link, try changing your browser to Firefox or Edge)
How to download the file?
Open the link in a browser and click on the "Download" button.
How to stream the video in video player such as MXplayer and VLC Media Player?
Open the link in a browser and press and hold on the "Download" button. Then click on "Copy link address". Now open your favorite media player and stream the video using this link :)

How is it better than other bots?
-It is superfast and gives you a direct link instantly unlike other bots that take up too much time
-The file link is directly of Telegram's servers so the download and streaming speed is very fast.
- No ads on the website!

Send any file from Telegram, I will send you a direct link to stream it on your browser! You will also be able to download the file!

How to use?
- Forward a file to me
- I will reply with a streaming link of the file
- To download the file, open that link and click on the Download button

*Note* : Your Chrome browser may not support streaming of video files. In case of problems, try another browser like Firefox or Edge.

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