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LaunchBot provides information and notifications about upcoming rocket launches. ? Github:

What can do this bot?? LaunchBot provides information and notifications about upcoming launches for various launch service providers, like SpaceX and ISRO.

LaunchBot is open-source.

Current features
- Highly customizable notifications about the launches you’re interested in

- Browsable detailed information about upcoming launches

- A simple schedule to see the launches that are coming up soon

- Group chat friendly: only admins can call commands

? Welcome to LaunchBot! LaunchBot is your one-stop shop into the world of rocket launches. Subscribe to the launches of your favorite space agency, or follow that one rocket company you're a fan of.

? LaunchBot is open-source, 100 % free, and respects your privacy. If you're a developer and want to see a new feature, you can open a pull request in LaunchBot's GitHub repository.

? To get started, you can subscribe to some notifications, or try out the commands. If you have any feedback, or a request for improvement, you can use the feedback command.

🚀 Hi there! I'm LaunchBot, a launch information and notifications bot!

List of commands
🔔 /notify adjust notification settings
🚀 /next shows the next launches
🗓 /schedule displays a simple flight schedule
📊 /statistics tells various statistics about the bot
✍️ /feedback send feedback/suggestion to the developer

⚠️ Note for group chats ⚠️
- Commands are only callable by group admins and moderators to reduce group spam
- If the bot has admin permissions (permission to delete messages), it will automatically remove commands it doesn't answer to

Frequently asked questions ❓
How do I turn off a notification?
- Use /notify@rocketrybot: find the launch provider you want to turn notifications off for.

I want less notifications!
- You can choose at what times you receive notifications with /notify@rocketrybot. You can edit these at the preferences menu (⚙️).

Why does the bot only answer to some people?
- You have to be an admin in a group to send commands.

LaunchBot version 0.5.23 ✨

Команды бота

Все команды должны начинаться с символа «/».

? Upcoming launches
? Launch schedule
? LaunchBot statistics
? Notification settings
✍️ Send feedback to developer
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