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Send me a file and I will analyze it for viruses using over 70 different antiviruses. adv: @kyelii

What can do this bot??? VirusTotal is a free service that analyzes suspicious files. Now available in Telegram.

?? VirusTotal - это бесплатный сервис, который анализирует подозрительные файлы теперь и в Telegram.

?? Hello! Info Botostore
I am a Bot based on VT-API

• You can send the file to the bot or forwardit from another channel, and it will check file to VirusTotal with over 70 different antiviruses.

• To get scan results - send me any a file up to 320 MB in size, and you will receive a detailed analysis of it.

• With the help of a bot, you can analyse suspicious files to identify virus and other bad programs.

• You can also add me to your chats, and I will be able to analyse the files send participants.

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