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Checks URLs safety via the WebOfTrust API
by @wjclub

What can do this bot?Resolves and checks every URL it receives for malicious content. Based upon the knowledge of the Web-Of-Trust Database

Heya young, green fella. Have you ever klicked on that nasty, tempting link someone send to you and got DDOSed or infercted with some malcious little programs aferwards? It happens to all of us and is annoying and sometimes even destructive. So here I am to give you a hand. I connected myself with the wise WebOfTrust database and will try to warn you if somebody sends an evil little link. Just forward me a message or add me to your group chat. I promise, you will not regrett it.

Help: /help
About: /about
Privacy Statement: /privacy
Newschannel: @wjclubnews

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