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Xason, a smart finance assistant. Chat for SGX stock price, digital & physical currencies rate, news, sell & buy suggest

What can do this bot?I am Xason, your smart finance assistant.

Chat with me to know:
🔍Singapore SGX latest stock price
💱Exchange rate for digital (e.g. Bitcoin) or physical currencies
📰Latest News
❗What to sell
🔥What to buy

I can also send you:
🔔Daily notification for your watchlist

Learn more:

👋 Hello Bot Info Bot. I'm Xason. I'm still in beta phase.

Here are some top queries to start with.
Try "/settings", or try "/help" to know what else can I do for you.

1. Watchlist
To update link for Watchlist, try saying:
"Update Watchlist A to [Link]"
🔗Watchlist How-To
⭐ /watchlist_a


2. Stock and News Search
I can search Stock (Exchange Market of Singapore SGX) and News based on Symbol Code, Name, Category, Industry, etc
💬Search Bank
💬Stock DBS


3. Exchange Rate
You can ask me query for Exchange Rate
💬Rate 100 LTC-BTC
💬Exchange Rate SGD


Команды бота

Все команды должны начинаться с символа «/».

⭐Watchlist A
⭐Watchlist B
⭐Highlight A
⭐Highlight B
🔥What to buy?
❗What to sell for A?
❗What to sell for B?
❓What can Xason do?
✳️Change settings
Поделиться ботом
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