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A Bot for movies join our official channel @maiis created by : @H4CK3R_5M4CK3R

What can do this bot?A powerful bot to get movies in group or private Both : To use this bot you first need to join our official channel @maiis after that you will be able to find movies mostly anime movies is available press on start to start the bot

Created by : @H4CK3R_5M4CK3R

Please Send me Your movie name with movie details, details like release year mostly or you can simply send a quality except movie release year or you can simply add me to your group and press /start And also dont forgot to join my official channel : @maiis


You need to first join @maiis to use this bot

Команды бота

Все команды должны начинаться с символа «/».

check if alive or not
Get Top 10 movie of IMDB
Get details about new upcoming movies
Get latest News about anime
get anime direct link /watch
Give feedback to its owner /feedback
read manga /manga
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